Hi! I’m Mavi Parra.

A migrant since birth, my identity is a mixture of cultures, stories and accents.

I studied journalism, but mainly consider myself a writer, poet and narrative curator. My work takes hold of the flexibility between many professions and perspectives, exploring the diverse ways in which a message can be transmitted.

On this blog, you’ll find a view into my creative work, portfolio and information regarding my multiple projects. The stories I love telling, and the experiences that drive me.

I can help you create content for various sources and formats, writing, editing and translating texts. To see more of my work, please visit my portfolio.

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As a writer, I focus on exploring the relationship between culture, nature and place. I write about travel, environment, feminism and social issues.

As a traveler, I aim to find ways to make traveling sustainable, ethical and conscious. This translates into my travel writing, as I curate the series “Decolonizing Travel” for the site Passion Passport.

In terms of content creation, I help my clients figure out new ways to generate positive outcomes, and my readers to imagine different ways of living, traveling and working.