How to Donate to a Travel Fundraiser: Local Organizations Abroad That Need Help

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent collapse of international tourism may have undermined the financial and functional stability of our “dream destinations,” but the reality is many of these communities already faced tremendous challenges on a day to day basis. In the absence of travel, organizations in these locales now play the role of fundraiser for their neighbors and ecosystems. 

While some places are slowly trying to recover from the impact left by the pandemic, many others are still struggling and will continue to do so. This is particularly true of those in which local, already vulnerable communities depend solely on tourism and day-to-day income for their survival.

In hope of a response, we’ve rounded up a list of initiatives, NGOs, and fundraisers set up around a few of our favorite travel destinations in the Global South to help local communities thrive — not just during Covid-19 times, but also on a long term basis.

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